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big fucking jerk

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[20 Jul 2005|04:52pm]
I'm in Florida now. :)

Moving (and closing a life chapter) means I've moved, as well.

I'm here ----> parliamentary <----
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[17 Jul 2005|03:43am]
I'm totally psyched. In approximately 10 hours I will be on a train heading for Florida. In about 36 hours I will be there.

Is this happening? Someone pinch me just to see if this is real and time really did fly by this quick.

In 36 hours I will be with my sweet companion. <3
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[15 Jul 2005|11:06pm]
parliamentary or die.

See you there!
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[04 Jul 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I think, with the closing of this major chapter, I shall open up a new one. Yeah, it's been a doozie.

I look back from stuff I have written as recent as a year ago, and it makes my stomach churn. I don't have the heart to delete it, because, well, it's my past, no matter how terribly-written and positively shitty it (I) was. There's a little phrase which goes something like this : "When you are older, you will look back and laugh at yourself."

And I am. I'm laughing.

It's time to start fresh. It's time to progress. It's time to take full helm of my life. These last two months have taught me a lot. Hell, the last eight months or so have taught me a lot about life, love, responsibility, moving on, getting by, staying strong, putting my mind to the test, honor, bravery, and so on. I like to beliee I'm bettering myself every day. There are always setbacks. But I have the will and the courage to overcome them.

It's been said before "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." No matter how rough it may have been, it didn't kill me and I like to believe it has made me stronger. Friendships may have been lost due to my metamorphosis, but I still stand my ground. Remember that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, where spoiled Veruca Salt throws a hissy fit, and she climbs on top of the egg detector?

"She was a bad egg." chimes Willy Wonka.

I'm kind of getting off track here, but I hope you see what I mean. Meaning, life is weeding out the good and the bad at this juncture. The negative things shall pass; the positive ones'll stick. It's been rough, yes. I have realized that this is kind of a cleansing step. Somethmes you can't do what's esiest for you, but if it makes it better in the long run, it's worth it.

And damn, is it worth it.

I'm free.

parliamentary// 7/18/05.

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Tuesday's gone...or going [01 Jul 2005|04:06am]
[ mood | anxious ]


I'm excited to be heading to a new place, to start over, to get away from all the chaos that surrounds me here. I'm nothing but ecstatic to be leaving. I'm ready for this. I'm ready for you, too.

Train roll on, on down the line. Won't you please take me far away?

Train roll on many miles from my home. See, I'm riding my blues away. Tuesday, you see, she had to be free. But somehow I've got to carry on.

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awesome a meme [19 Jun 2005|11:53pm]
ISFJ-The Protector
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guardians. You find great satisfaction in assisting the downtrodden.
You are not talkative with strangers, but you can chat tirelessly with
those you trust. You have a good solid work ethic. You are thorough and
very likely frugal. You do not like to be in a place of authority, and
will delegate poorly if forced into a lead position. You share your
type with 10% of the population.

As a romantic partner, you are generous and gentle. Occasionally you
may be taken for granted because of this fact. You are tireless in
providing acts of service for your loved ones. You run the risk of
always being exhausted because you won't say no to your partner. You
are sensitive to criticism and will withdraw rather than fight back.
You wish to be appreciated for your loyalty and whole hearted nuturing.
Your values must be respected and you thrive on consideration and

Your group summary: Guardians (SJ)

Your Type Summary: ISFJ

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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Link: The LONG Scientific Personality Test written by unpretentious2 on Ok Cupid

But I do believe they have it to a T, there. Cheers.
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I do believe I am a bit obsessive. [01 Jun 2005|02:09am]
It's the beginning of June.

Nothing really interesting goes on here. I work, I come home, I talk to my sweetheart, and I go to sleep. Simple enough.

No one here really tries to keep in touch or anything. So, heh. I just move on. :)

Now I'm waiting until the end of July-- specifically July 23rd.

Can't wait.
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countdown [23 May 2005|11:59pm]
Two months.

I can do this.

60 days. Twenty down.

It's nothing, right?


I can't cry. I won't. I've got to stay strong.

You can do this, Sarah.

It won't be long now.

Does that make you ambitious if you supersize ambition?
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[21 May 2005|03:45am]
I scored
on the classic 400 Point Purity Test!
Take the test here!

Oh, my. We got busy.
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Reason #325346332 why Richmond sucks [10 May 2005|11:30am]
[ mood | wtf ]

I'd like to ask one question, and one question only:

Has any guy in this town ever seen a girl before?!?

For godsake.

I was walking back from my new job (oh fuck yes, i got hired) and not one, not two, but three pepole honked at me. That really fucking creeps the shit out of me. It's not like I was dressed in a bikini or anything. I was wearing a white, long sleeved collared shirt and black slacks. I looked like some law intern with a bad hair day.

What's even worse is that they looked to be of the "hay i don't have a job and i look like i don't take a bath and i cheat on my fat girlfriend with a toothless hooker who has a rank cooter" type. Ew. Ewwww.


Looks like I'm going to have to go to Dick's and buy mace.

Richmond, you sure know how to make a girl feel safe. Oh yeah. Uh-huh.

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Enlightenment? [09 May 2005|02:24am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Currently, life is all topsy-turvy. I'm optimistic, though. It just feels a little strange at the moment. It's strange (and a little disheartening) coming back to a world of bullshit and senseless fighting. But I'm keeping my head up. There is hope. I'm not giving up. I know what I want. I'm going to conquer my fears, work hard, and obtain it.

Today gives way to tomorrow. Tomorrow is the gateway to the future.

This is my mantra.

The last thing I'm going to do is give up. I'll croak before I throw in the towel. They say there's no such thing as instant gratification. You've got to go through struggles, overcome obstacles, and strive to do your best. It pays off in the end.

I may get a little sad at times, perhaps a tad bit angry. But this is me at my most motivated. In fact, I don't think I've ever felt this motivated to do anything. What I want is clear, not cloudy.

Of course, there will be more obstacles after this. That is inevitable. But keep in mind: IT ALL PAYS OFF IN THE END. You should never throw your guns to the ground and give up. Then you will never reach your goals.

And I'm sticking to my guns.

just because i love this picture so muchCollapse )

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What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. [04 May 2005|03:38pm]
[ mood | eh ]

It is NOT May outside. I excpect it to be at least slightly warm. Not today. I'm seeing my damn breath in the air. It's also raining a chilly rain. I hate it when my pants bottoms get wet. It's probably one of my biggest pet peeves.

The job market in this town is stale as month-old bread. It's also molding because everyone in Richmond's job market is an old coot. I've been through five failed interviews. I don't think it's any wrongdoing on my part- I'm clear, concise, descriptive, I dress nice. I think they just take one look at me and assume I'm some stupid kid.
"You look under the age of 40? Go fuck yourself."

What does it take to get a job around here? Sprout wings? Become Wonder Woman and have the invisible jet too? It's becoming damn near impossible.

Oh, and another thing: Most of these interviews I've gotten "Oh, I'll be out of town next week" or whatever. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SACK OF SHIT I HAVE EVER HEARD. It's an excuse not to hire me, and a pathetic one at that. Why don't they stop being cowardly and just tell me up front? I can handle blunt honesty. I won't take lies and bullshit. Oh, that's right, honesty doesn't get you anywhere nowadays. People don't want honest people. You have to fib as much as a politician to get a damn part-time job around here. Nobody wants honesty.

Fuck Richmond. I'm glad I'm leaving soon. The only things I'll really miss are cheap cigarettes and Carytown.

EDIT: I am growing increasingly anti-illegal immigrant. I am already vehemently anti-illegal immigrant, so look where this is going. They are seriously taking our jobs. I don't care if the excuse has been given that "they take jobs that Americans don't want." THAT'S PURE BULLSHIT. There is always a decent American trying to make his way that can't find a job. He'll take anything. But the illegal immigrants have it in for this man. They take all the jobs.
Just look at the mall that's closest to my house. I will figure that a third of these people are illegals who work there. HAY GUESS WHAT? IF YOU'RE ILLEGALLY HERE, THEN FUCK YOU. I don't give a rat's ass if you are trying to find work here to feed yourself. You're taking away a job from someone that migrated here on legal terms or someone who was born and raised here, who is also trying to feed themelves. So you know what? If you're an illegal, go home. If you don't want to come here by legal means, then hey, how about this? You can go home. You're taking away jobs from Americans.

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Signalling the end of an era. [25 Apr 2005|12:48pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Guys, I hear that Nickelodeon Studios is being closed as of April 30th.

Remember watching Nickelodeon as a kid? Remember when it didn't suck? Remember when Spongebob wasn't even a figment of some animator's imagination yet? Those were the days.

Ahhh, the infamous Nickelodeon Studios. I always wanted to go there. My best friend in elementary school went and I was jealous of her for the longest time because of it. She told me stories and I didn't want to hear them because I wanted to experience it for myself. I even begged my mom to take us on a vacation to Orlando, just to go to Universal. I tried to sway her. She said, "nah I don't want to go to Florida."

Now that I'm actually planning to move there shortly, they CLOSE IT. Even though it definitely isn't in its glory days anymore, I still wanted to experience it for myself. Even if I didn't go until I was an old fart, I was going to go regardless.

I've known this for a while, but this is the end of an era.

There are barely any toy stores now. There are indie toy stores and Toys R' Us. Toys R' Us is past its prime now. I went into a Toys R' Us a few months ago, after not going in there for several years. What I saw was saddening. Half of the store was dedicated to baby papaphenilia. Gone were the numerous aisles of awesome toys that I wanted all to myself so long ago. They had some Barbies, some of those atrocious hooker-like Bratz dolls, some action figures and junk from movies like Spiderman and </i>Hulk</i>, a very tear-inducing R Zone (it's seen better days), and that's really all I can think of that was there. I wanted to fall to my knees and cry buckets.

It must suck to be a kid nowadays. The toys are all ass (I don't see moon shoes anywhere anymore dammit), and shows targeted at kids are too (I HATE SPONGEBOB WTF). Society makes them grow up too fast nowadays. I'm going to blame that for seeing kids that are addicted to sex at fourteen. Girls have Slutz dolls now. I remember when Barbie dolls were controversial because of her boobs. But I think those atrocious Bratz dolls are worse than any Barbie Mattel could put out. Not only do they look like cheap whores, they make girls even more spoiled because of the lifestyle they promote.

Boys don't really have anything fun to play with now other than video games. Even video games now don't measure up to the fun level of video games in the past. It's not as exciting to get a video game system now as it was back then. Remeber the glowing grin on your face on Christmas morning as you got a NES or SNES? Seriously.

With the closing of Nickelodeon Studios, where such shows as Pete & Pete, Clarissa Explains It All, and Double Dare were filmed at, this shows the obvious: the era we grew up in is no more.

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Fuck this. [21 Apr 2005|07:31am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

And how I quickly spoke.

I have to get the hell out, now. I can't take it anymore.

I really am the Lone Ranger in a sea of fools.

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Today was awesome. [21 Apr 2005|05:19am]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was a extremely beautiful day. 85 something degrees, low humidity, sunny skies- a perfect day. I went outside and embraced it.

Chris and I sat outside and ate freezer pops, and walked around VCU campus a little bit. Ultimately, I think we were on a quest to find an ATM on campus that had envelopes so Chris could deposit his check. Unfortunately, three for three, no envelopes. But no worries. The walk in the beautiful weather was worth it.

On the way back I saw the cutest thing. It was a father and his little girl. They both had drinks from the bubble tea place next to the apartment. The cup looked so big in her hands and she was really was focused on her drink. she fell behind and she she started walking real fast to catch up to her dad. <3

(I wish all kids were like that.)

The new South Park was a total riot, as it usually is. For some reason Officer Barbrady's voice sounded a little different.

"I have a nasty urinary tract infection and I'm bleeding from my peehole, so I have to stick a tampon up my peehole."
"Oh, sticking a tampon to stop the bleeding. How insightful. Tell me more."

Laugh riot.

I wish every day was as wonderful as today. I'm looking forward to them and a fresh new start in a brand new place.

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hay guys go see sin city [17 Apr 2005|04:07pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

I saw Sin City for the second time today, and it was just as badass as the first time. Which means that there's going to be a layout change in order here. How can I resist?

If you haven't gone to see this movie yet DO IT. And for the love of God, don't give it your hard-earned dollars to the rest of the horseshit Hollywood's churning out nowadays. Give it to Sin City. Show 'em YOU CARE.

I love sheer violence with a plotline. Don't you?

(Also the comics are badass. This has to be the bedt comic adaptation EVER. Even the dialogue is straight from the comics, and nothing more. You gotta love that.)

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[17 Apr 2005|03:32am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I am really craving a cigarette. I'm itching to have sweet, sweet nicotine pass my lips.

I like waiting until I have become a total zombie before I go to sleep. The sleep is better, I sleep longer, and little tossing and turning is involved. You hit the pillow, and BAM! you're asleep.

I wish I could drag your lighthearted side out of its shell.

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[09 Apr 2005|04:34pm]
[ mood | eh ]

Hopefully, sooner or later, someone will give me a callback.


And hey, this new Gorillaz album sounds badass.

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[09 Apr 2005|03:45am]

What kind of Jedi are you?
LJ Username
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This QuickKwiz by neo_epyon - Taken 28336 Times.
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I couldn't resist.

I always knew Jessie was my master. The Force is strong in her. :P
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[06 Apr 2005|02:36am]
[ mood | weird ]

EDIT: It's 4:30 AM and I can't sleep. WHAT THE HELL.

I was a deep-frying virgin until tonight. Tonight I made little spring rolls and wonton chips.

They didn't turn out bad at all. In fact, they were rather tasty. Earlier today I even found spring roll sauce that tastes very similar to the kind they have at the Thai Diner. There was also the accompanying stir-fried beef and vegetables and somen noodles that made me and my love happy campers.

I'm going to have to do this some other time. I have plenty of wrappers in the fridge, plenty of dipping sauce, and of course, there's always South Park on tomorrow.

I want the second season of the Venture Bros. to come out already. To those of you who have seen this wonderful gem of a series shown on Adult Swim, you know firsthand how awesome and downright hilarious it is. And for those of you who haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing. Or shame on you.

"I don't want some little kid looking at my junk!"

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